Heat Pump Hot Water


Heat pump hot water units offer a great alternative to Payneham and across metropolitan Adelaide home or business owners who don’t have gas, or don’t want to get gas connected on their property. They also provide a cost-effective solution, as less electricity is required to run the system and heat the water in your home.


In a heat pump hot water system, electricity is created through a heat exchanger that takes heat from the atmosphere and converts it into energy (similar to the process in a reverse cycle air conditioner). This electricity is used to drive a fan and compressor that in turn heats gas located in a coil wrapped around the hot water tank. This gas-filled coil essentially takes the place of a conventional electric heating element and produces reserves of hot water on tap.


Heat pump hot water units are durable and versatile, and can operate in all sorts of weather conditions down to a temperature of -5˚C, so even during the coldest months you will still be getting piping hot water. It is also possible to have an electric booster fitted to your system, as a back up.


If you are considering installing a heat pump hot water unit, there are currently government rebates available, and we are happy to advise you on these.


At Jack the Plumber, we install, maintain and repair all varieties of heat pump hot water systems in Payneham and across Adelaide. Our team is equipped to tackle the most common problems associated with these units, such as faulty evaporators, thermostats or condensers, leaking taps, valves and storage tanks, or water that is simply not heating up sufficiently.


If you’re not getting the sort of performance that you should from your heat pump hot water system, or you have noticed leaks or other problems, you can rely on Jack the Plumber to tackle the problem promptly and with professional levels of service.


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