Leaking and Dripping Taps Payneham


At first, a dripping tap might seem like just a minor inconvenience and nothing too much to worry about. However, besides wasting precious water that costs you money, is it doing even more damage? It could be, as a leaking tap can actually have other, more far reaching consequences than simply adding a few dollars to your water bill.


For instance, leaking taps can leave stains on basins, baths and tiles, which can eventually lead to you having to replace them. They can also cause problems in the breecher pipes (the pipe that connects the taps to the water outlet), and these can be costly and time consuming to repair.


However, simple tap maintenance can prevent these and other sorts of more serious problems developing, as well as ensuring longer and more efficient operating life for your exisiting tap ware. When your taps are properly maintained, they are also easier to turn on and off, while properly functioning taps will also help to stop water hammer in the pipework and the long-term problems that can arise from this.


Jack the Plumber has extensive experience in dealing with tap problems in all types of properties across Adelaide. No matter the issue, we are equipped to deal with it, so if you have leaking or dripping taps, taps that don’t open fully or won’t completely turn off, or taps that are noisy or difficult to turn, we are here to help.


Our team works with all types of kitchen, bathroom, laundry and garden taps, including mixer taps, wall mounted taps, sensor taps, half-turn and quarter-turn taps, and jumper valve and washer taps. This means that wherever in the home you have a leaking tap, or whatever type of dripping tap might be causing you problems, we can tackle the issue promptly and efficiently, saving you both money on your water bills and potentially costly repairs in the future.


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