Toilet Installations and Repairs


A blocked, leaking or broken toilet is more than just a plumbing problem — it can be a real emergency.


Jack the Plumber specialises in all types of Payneham and Adelaide toilet repairs, so if you have a blocked toilet, a cistern that won’t flush properly, a toilet bowl that’s leaking, or any other issue with your toilet, we are equipped to deal with them all quickly and efficiently.


As well as the huge inconvenience a toilet that isn’t working can cause to the whole family (not to mention the potential health hazard), it can create other problems as well. For instance, a leaking toilet is not only wasting water, but it can stain the porcelain or the surrounding floor tiles, as well as create a dangerously slippery surface to walk on. A toilet that doesn’t flush or refill properly can mean constant noise coming from the cistern, so that you never have a moment’s peace.


Whatever sort of problem you are encountering, we have the experience and expertise to handle it, including:


  • Blocked toilets and drains
  • Toilets that won’t flush or are slow to refill
  • Bowls that fill with water or overflow
  • Leaking toilets
  • Cracked or damaged cisterns or bowls


Replace your existing toilet suite

If you are looking to completely upgrade your toilet suite, at Jack the Plumber we can take care of this for you as well. We will gladly offer our advice to help you choose the right sort of suite for your bathroom space, and can take care of every aspect of the installation for you as well. Upgrading your toilet will not only ensure that your bathroom is hygienic and hazard-free once more, but it will also refresh and reinvigorate the entire look and feel of the space.


A fresh, contemporary looking toilet and bathroom is also a simple but effective way to add value to your home.


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If you need repairs to a leaking or damaged toilet, or are thinking of upgrading your existing toilet suite, call Jack the Plumber on 0421 570 166 or get in touch via email.

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