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Is your bathroom looking tired, or seems like it’s stuck in the last century? Would it benefit from replacing the fixtures and fittings, or is it worth going further with a complete renovation?


Jack the Plumber specialises in bathroom renovations in Payneham and Adelaide, and works with homeowners to design and install the best possible solutions to enable you and your family to get the most out your bathroom space.


Whether you are looking for someone to manage the project from start to finish for you, or you are managing the project yourself but feel you would benefit from some expert advice and guidance, Jack is on hand to help. With qualified tradespeople at our disposal, you can be assured that we will help you get the job done, using specialists who know what they are doing and are experienced in their trades.


Jack the Plumber’s Top 5 Bathroom Renovation Tips


1. Make the most of the space

There are any number of ways in which you can redesign an exisiting bathroom so that it more effectively utilises the limited space. Think about a recessed toilet cistern, for instance, or a low profile toilet, which also help to create a more contemporary look. Opting for sliding doors rather than hinged ones can also be a creative way of achieving more space.


2. Use colour creatively

Even the smallest bathroom space can be made to feel more light and airy when you choose the right colour scheme. Neutral colours can help, as will a consistent use of colour across walls, doors, fixtures and fittings, so that they all blend together more effectively.


3. Turn your bath into a centrepiece

Modern baths are in many ways a throwback to the past, in that they’re designed to be features in their own right rather than merely functional. Free-standing baths look fantastic and can completely transform even the most tired looking bathroom. If you don’t have the space for a free-standing bath, then replacing your existing tub will nevertheless do a great deal to make your bathroom look and feel fresher.


4. Sleek and stylish showers

If you’re looking for an ultra-contemporary bathroom look, getting rid of your conventional shower alcove altogether and going instead for a wet room design is a great way to do this. If a wet room isn’t practical, then frameless or semi-frameless shower screens look great and help to open up the space as well.


5. It’s all about the fixtures and fittings

Even the smallest detail can make the difference in a bathroom renovation. Taps in particular are a relatively simple but effective way to modernise your style, and if you go to top end of the market, you get not only a great look, but longer lasting and more efficient operation as well.



Jack the Plumber for Payneham and Adelaide bathroom renovations


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