Solar Hot Water Installation Payneham


Solar hot water utilises the sun to heat your water in conjunction with either an electrical heating element or a gas boosted unit. Cold water is pumped into the solar panels or tubes installed on your roof, where it is then heated by the sun’s rays. If there isn’t enough sunlight to heat sufficient water for your needs, your back up electric or gas booster kicks in to ensure that you still have hot water on tap.


Solar hot water systems are more expensive to install than other types of system, but over the course of their operational life they will pay you back through lower electricity and gas costs, making a solar hot water system one of the most cost-effective ways to deliver hot water on the market today. Solar hot water systems are especially efficient in Adelaide because of the relatively high number of sunny days we have throughout the year, even during the autumn and winter.


At Jack the Plumber we specialise in the installation, maintenance and repair of all types of solar hot water system, including major brands such as Rinnai, Thermann, Rheem and Apricus, and are experienced at working on both gas and electric boost models.


We are equipped to be able to repair most of the faults and problems typically encountered in solar hot water systems, such as leaking or damaged solar panels or valves, and can also repair and replace faulty solar inverters, the most common cause of solar panel underperformance.


If you are considering installing a solar hot water system but have not yet made the switch, we can advise you as to what sort of system and configuration would best suit your needs. At Jack the Plumber, we are committed to finding the most cost effective and efficient solar hot water solutions for Adelaide homeowners, and so we are always happy to offer friendly, professional advice.


Payneham and across metropolitan Adelaide solar hot water installations and repairs


If you are considering installing a solar hot water system in Adelaide, or need repairs to your existing set up, call Jack the Plumber on 0421 570 166 or get in touch via email.

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